Maggie & Robert’s Point Loma Engagement Shoot

We’re really excited to share some photos from Maggie and Robert’s engagement session! Robert proposed to Maggie in the beautiful neighborhood of Point Loma, so it was only fitting we would start our shoot with them there. Aren’t they a beautiful couple?! We then headed over to Sunset Cliffs, one of our favorite places EVER. We just love these photos and cannot wait to be a part of Maggie and Robert’s wedding day next March! Enjoy & XOXO!
Point loma engagement shoot,

Point loma engagement shoot, garden,




Point loma engagement shoot, beach,


Sunset cliffs engagement shoot, wide angle engagement shoot, 11mm,


Awesome photos. Okay, it finally sank in….You’re getting married.

I’m really excited for you. Maggie is stunning and you guys look great. Way to go Robert.

Love you man,


p.s. Can you believe Geno Smith getting sucker punched and typical JETS training camp?

As it is written, a picture paints a thousand words. There is no doubt that among those words painted is “L O V E “. It simply is in the air asuring both of you with a commitment to love and be loved.
Just by simply looking at those engagement photos , one will surely utter ” what a great couple you both are!
This is just a peak preview and I cant wait to see the real deal, i.e.the wedding photos!

You two look like the perfect couple. These are fantastic pictures! You’ll be looking at these your whole lives together.

It’s easy to take great photos when you have a great subject. You two are a beautiful couple. Great pick for each of you. Mazel Tov!!

Georgina Cardenas

Dear Robert!

I love your pictures because you and your fiancé look so happy. I guess it is true love!

Remember to invite me to your wedding next year.


Beautiful couple,beautiful pictures! Mazel Tov! and love from Barbara and Jim