Ashley & Anthony: Green Gables Estate, San Marcos

I’m a little, no make that A LOT obsessed with Ashley and Anthony’s wedding trailer! Kevin had a phenomenal time capturing their awesome wedding and I had just the best time going through their footage–and trying not to tear up so much! They are such a beautiful couple–on the outside DUH, but also on the inside. Just by seeing how they look and act with each other, you can just feel how genuine their love is for one another and it’s truly like out of a movie or a book. Ashley (who looks like a princess, right?!) and Anthony (who’s not too shabby himself!) got married this past November at the lush and lovely Green Gables Estate in San Marcos. Family and friends who travelled from all over the country came together in a gorgeous day of celebration, honoring this awesome twosome. After a touching ceremony and delicious dinner, they were also treated to AMAZING Polynesian dances, some performed by the bride and groom themselves. So. Much. Fun! We wish the newlyweds a gorgeous life together as husband and wife!! ENJOY & XOXO!

“Perfect Kiss” by Marie Hines licensed by The Music Bed