Rebecca + Zachary: St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church & Orfila Winery, Escondido

As we say hello to the Fall and Winter months, it’s time to look fondly on a beautiful Summer of weddings with one that exemplifies all that a bride could ever wish for; a perfect July day, a stunning gown made of lace, all of her loved ones, and one very dashing groom. With that, please enjoy Becky and Zack’s wedding trailer! We wish them many, MANY days just as lovely as their wedding day on their journey as husband and wife. XOXO!

Music: “Towering” by Seryn, licensed by The Music Bed


Absolutely gorgeous!

Wow. You guys are killin’ it!

Stunning video and wedding. The Bride & groom must love this so much.

GORGEOUS!!! You did an amazing job capturing this lovely day! it was a treat to create magic with you!

Really Wonderful! You are so beautiful! Everything is so nice!

This video is absolutely stunning and breathtaking in quality, production, and execution. A top notch presentation to say the least. It’s hard to critique such a gem but I fear I will lose sleep having not sufficiently archived the type of shoes that the groom was wearing after such attention and detail was focused on the bride’s. Everything is perfect, it’s an accurate representation of the romance, excitement, and intrigue of the evening. It just seems slightly unbalanced in the footwear segment. Nevertheless, good work. It’s touching to relive the evening through such magic and talent. That was a wonderful day.

Adam. You said it all! Its a masterpiece!