America’s Finest Timelapse

America’s Finest Timelapse from XOXO Wedding Studio on Vimeo.

I finally finished it.
Hope you enjoy and please send to a friend.

Please watch in HD, FULLSCREEN (Scaling Off is best)
San Diego’s nickname is America’s Finest City.

Also thanks to Chris Angeles!
@kevinandrewfalk on twitter and instagram
see a bunch of behind the scenes of the making of this here:


So beyond AMAZING! This video made my day.. I love our city. Thank you for documenting it so perfectly! I will share with everyone I know! Great job!!

WHOA! Love it so much. We live in the best city ever.

Coolest video ever! You guys rule!

It was worth the wait, Kevin! Really cool! Just love how you have captured your adopted city! Moyock next! You rule!

Maybe all of Currituck, not just Moyock! Haha!!

Absolutely, just, um…WOW!!
I just love all your work and this by far surpasses all i’ve seen before (obviously different from the Wedding trailers, but you know what I mean)!!!
I missed my opportunity of working with you both for my Wedding day this year, but luckily it has been postponed for next November 2013, so hopefully there is still a chance becuase your work is just beyond words.
Congratulations on such talent.

Amazing work! Congratulations! I really enjoyed watching -more than once.

Werny from Austria

I love your city and this great video! Perfect Job guys!

Just simply, wow.

Wow is right. I sent this to everyone i know!

Absolutely fantastic work, Kevin!
Loved it and shared it.