It’s all in the DETAILS!

As many brides (and grooms) to-be know, there are SO MANY OPTIONS when it comes to well…EVERYTHING! Flowers, cakes, bridesmaid dresses…the list goes on and on. So it’s really inspiring when I see REALLY cute and fun ideas at weddings that go beyond the expected. Having the pleasure of being at a lot of weddings last year, I wanted to share a couple of those super adorable ideas we saw, along with where to find them online!!! Hope this can save you some time while you keep on with your wedding planning!

1. Wire Hangers
custom wire hangersThe personalized wedding dress hanger!
I can’t think of a cuter way to celebrate your new name (if you decide to change your last name, of course!). We saw this at Faye & Jonathan’s wedding and Liz & Matt’s wedding last year. I found several shops on Etsy that create and sell these sweet hangers. PS: You don’t have to get Mrs. New Lastname, too—lots of other cute options like hearts and just your names.

2. Bird Cages
bird cage centerpieces Realizing the cost of flowers is cutting into your honeymoon fund? Try something different like vintage bird cages! We saw this at Aimee & Anthony’s wedding last April. It’s such a whimsical alternative to flowers, and for whomever wins the centerpiece has a cool decoration that will last a lot longer than flowers.
I found some vintage bird cages on Etsy, too, although a trip to Michael’s or even Home Goods would be worthwhile.

3. Fingerprint Tree
wedding fingerprint tree What comes to mind when you think ‘fingerprints’?! I used to think of ‘Dateline NBC’, but now I think of the super duper cute thumbprint trees we saw at Sarah & John reception and Lisa & Chris’ sign in table.

4. Letterpress


Ever heard the expression, “First impressions count”? If this is important to you, you may want to look at letterpress invitations. Letterpress is a printing technique that creates a smooth, embossed feel. These types of invites really create a sense of anticipation! As soon as your guests get ahold of your invite and can literally feel your announcement, the excitement over your big day is palpable.

There are several companies online offering letterpress invites online like:

If you’re in the San Diego area and strongly interested in letterpress for your wedding, there’s only one place to go, and that’s Quality Letterpress. Created and run by Tim Butler, this shop is dedicated to giving you exactly what you’re looking for. We had our business cards made here, and absolutely love them.

Check them out on their website here:
Or visit their Etsy shop:

We can’t wait to see what new, fresh ideas we spot at weddings this year to share with you!