Leah + Drew: Coronado Island

Kevin and I are so happy to share photos from Leah and Drew’s engagement shoot! We headed out to the always beautiful and picturesque Coronado to meet the awesome couple. When Leah and Drew suggested riding bicycles for their shoot, we jumped at the chance. We thought right away they were going to be a fun couple, and we were wrong—they’re crazy fun and hilarious! At the request of the couple, one of our locations included churches. Right away Kevin was like, “Duh Coronado, churches!” As the sun set, we made our way over the lovely gazebo as the little sparkly lights came on. So romantic, right?! Can’t wait for their December wedding!! Enjoy!!


What a cool engagement photo shoot!
LOVE these photos.

These churches are so cute. Well the tall one is more beautiful then cute but you know what I mean!

Michelle Niquist

Okay Coronado looks amazing. “I want to go to there.” Love the bikes and that tall church!
Fantastic work XOXO!

Beautiful couple and photos are amazing too!

Those are sooooooooo cute Andrew!!!

I really enjoyed these! I love the one with you two sitting close and all smiles as well as the gazebo shot (you are small in the picture, but the effect is great).

Congratulation to both of you!

Love, Aunt Lynn and family

Great pictures of a great couple!

Love, Aunt Donna & Uncle Scott

Very cute couple! Love the bicycle shots with the great view and also the church shots…OK, I liked them all! Hope we get to see some wedding pictures soon of these love birds! Great job, XOXO!