Crystal+Jason: Tambor, Costa Rica

It’s with great excitement that we present to you all, Jason and Crystal’s wedding photos and a little video Kevin managed to shoot too! When Crystal and Jason told us they were getting married, and in COSTA RICA (YESSS!!) we were incredibly excited for them. And when they told us they wanted XOXO Wedding Photo to be there, we were HONORED and THRILLED!

Crystal and Jason are two of the sweetest, most hilarious people you’ll ever meet! And if you ever do, there is a 100% chance you will be part of an adventure with them. Kevin definitely had an adventure, (or five), with the newlyweds while shooting them on the gorgeous tropical beaches of Tambor, Costa Rica. He was quite spoiled, as he got to stay with Jason, Crystal and their wedding parties at the gorgeous Villa Katino, a home nestled in the jungles with AMAZING ocean views. (see panorama below)
The touching ceremony was held on the rocky and beautifully pre-historic looking beaches near Playa Carmen. In front of God, their dearest friends, and the great Pacific, Crystal and Jason exchanged their vows. As Kevin’s trip came to a close, he made sure to get as much time with the newlyweds as he could! It was definitely hard to say good-bye but the memories he captured will let him, Jason, Crystal, all of the great people he met and befriended relive such a unforgettable time! Kevin’s alternate title for this wedding is “Manhunts, Mel Gibson and The Missing Newlyweds”. Lot’s of stories from this trip! Enjoy!

My goal for this destination wedding was photography. That being said I did shoot some hand held video here and there. Heres a edit of some of the video i shot.

Please email us for the password at thx!

Music picked by Jason & Crystal.
Song 1:
Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
by Sigur Ros
Song 2:
Shooting Stars
by Bag Raiders

Wedding album designed by us, 19″ tall, 100% made from recycled paper/materials!


Top Ten Reasons to Get Married NOT in the United States:
1. Xoxo
2. Will
3. Photograph
4. Your
5. Ceremony
6. And
7. It
8. Will
9. Be
10. Awesome.

We had no idea Kevin was even shooting video during his short time with us especially since he was without his better half (Stephanie – we wish you could have made it)! In addition to the wonderful images captured, surprising us with a video was purely icing on the cake (disclaimer: I don’t actually eat icing, but I vaguely remember it to be quite delicious on top of cake). We love Kevin and Stephanie’s photographic interpretation of our individual personalities and documenting the joy we shared in creating our perfect union abroad. The aphrodisiacal qualities of their work have left us both very satisfied. High-five.

Best Comment ever!!!
Laughing so hard right now!!!
High-fives indeed!
Again, Karl and I are sorry for inadvertently stranding you two on the other side of the country with no money, cell phone and nothing more then a rock to sit on!

PS- Your right on the money about icing. It’s usually quite delicious!

This looks like it was so fun!
These images are amazing!
Love the video 😉

Crystal O'Briant

Can we please go back? These photos are bringing back oh so many wonderful memories. What an amazing trip with some of the most awesome people! Thanks to the Falks for making these special moments a constant memory that will never fade.
You Rock.

Congratulations to the bride and groom! Looking at these beautiful pictures and the amazing video brought a few tears to my eyes! Jason, I don’t know how you did it (I remember those high school days!) but you found yourself a lovely gal and I think she is mighty lucky too! Kevin did a excellent job with the pictures and the video! Just lovely!!

looks like it was a lot of fun! congrats to you and your new wife, jason!

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Kevin you and your wife did a FANTASTIC job!!!! The pictures are stunning, and the video really captures Jason and Crystal’s spirit and their special day!!!! We had such a wonderful time on this trip, now I get to re-live it by watching this video. Thanks for the memories and cheers to all of your success!!!!! It was awesome to meet you Kevin. :o)

Mary and Joseph Riddick

These are gorgeous !

Great job capturing the all the fun on film! Love the dress!

lovelovelove this!!!!!!

thanks xoxo for sharing!!

J&C, you two are beautiful!

Way to capture the love that Crystal and Jason share and the awesomeness of this trip!!!! Amazing job on the pics and video Kevin! We had the best time and are so happy we were able to be a part of this amazing week with such a great group of people. It was great meeting you! Congrats again Crystal and Jason! Pura Vida!

Kevin & Steph,

Absolutly beautiful! Stunning shots. Great work! It’s time to start raising your fees. I want to show everybody at church.

Love Ya, Dad

Love the pics,…. You guys are so perfect for each other …love ya

Man these suck…just kidding, you’re an artist Kevin.

Thanks Chandler! Miss you buddy!

Pics are awesome!!!!! see ya’ll soon…

Kevin, amazing pictures and video! Love, love, loved it!

Breathtaking pictures!!! An artistic way of bringing nature and love together!

Beautiful Work Kevin! Amazingly artistic!

These pics are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! The video is awesome, too!!!! I feel like i got a glimpse into your beautiful ceremony and the stunning adventure surrounding it! Of course, beautiful pics start with beautiful subjects… you are stunning, crystal 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 oh, you’re super fine, too, Jason 🙂 🙂 🙂 haha… love yall!!!

Mom of the Bride

Now I know why Jason and Crystal wanted Kevin there so badly. A very special THANKS to Kevin for the video. What a treat.

Awesome! Beautiful backdrop, photos and bride and groom!

I am speechless! What wonderful pictures of such a special moment. Everyone looks like they had a great time that will always be remembered. Kudos to the photographer.

Hi there!
I’ve been watching your videos all morning! They are incredible! Especially that in Poland – where I come from, they still do those million-hours-wedding-videos, that no one ever watches again… Eh, I just wished you were closer. Unless… have you ever been to Poland? 🙂

Well done job! I’m really impressed.