Silvia + Michael: The Getty, Los Angeles

This was a particularly special engagement shoot for XOXO Wedding Photo because one half of this beautiful couple is my cousin Michael. It seems like yesterday he was over playing video games with my brother, and beating Super Mario Brothers II from start to finish (which left us in total awe, by the way), so it’s a little hard for me to believe that we’re all older. What’s not hard for me to believe though, is what a perfect match he and Silvia are. As soon as we all met Silvia, we knew she would be a wonderful addition to the family. She’s super sweet, smart, has a great laugh and has fabulous style!

We had a really great time with them at the Getty Museum–a must for anyone visiting Los Angeles. There is so much to see and take photos of, that we honestly could have been there all night! Silvia and Michael were so cool and we’ve got to thank them again for being such troopers, because just when we thought we were done for the night, we’d see ANOTHER spot to take photos! Seeing my cousin so happy and in love is so awesome and we can’t wait to shoot their wedding this October! Enjoy!!

the getty gif


What an amazingly good looking couple. Their love comes through in these shots….very very cool.

BEAUTIFUL photos! What a background! I’m partial to this couple -I find them just gorgeous.

OMG, Where is this place?!
I love that waterfall!! Ha!

Wow. Floored by these images. That waterfall is really cool.
Cute couple!

This is how it’s done.
That last image is incredible.

Very artistic! Great background!


Fantastic images -I just love that the waterfall is actually flowing =awesome job!

Waterfall is awesome. But i really like all of these. Beautiful job.

I love these photos! Great style to them.
Epic and beautiful.

Gorgeous photos! Just curious- did you have permission to take photos there, or did you just go like you were visitors and take shots outside? I am looking to do a photoshoot there but they said any wedding/engagement photos are not permitted. I would like to do something similar to what you have here. Thank you!

Hi Anne! The Getty is one of those gorgeous places that is SO worth shooting at, even if there may, possibly, be a rule here or there on photography. Be stealthy in your photography style that day, and make sure you share your pics! 🙂

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