It's My (Wedding) Party

And, hopefully, you won’t cry if you want to, unless it’s from happiness, right?!

Kevin & Stephanie's Wedding (photo by vadim)

One of the fun parts of planning your wedding is deciding who you want to be in your bridal party. I’ve found that the majority of brides decide to have rather large bridal parties, but there are brides who will decide they just want one special someone up there with them. You can see our special someones in the photo above (photo by VadimPhoto).

From a photographer’s standpoint, an uneven amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen just doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing. Balance is important, and this is something to keep in mind when speaking with your fiance about who you both are going to ask. That said, if the wedding parties are not balanced, this will give your photographer an opportunity to get creative with posing. We like to find out how many bridesmaids and groomsmen there will be for weddings we shoot, so we can think of poses ahead of time, so we don’t waste a moment when it’s time to take group photos.

It’s also very typical for brides to pick a maid of honor. I knew as soon as I was engaged, that I didn’t want a maid of honor, but a man of honor. I am very close to my brother and knew that I wanted him to have my back as I said my vows and made it official. I know that it’s not very ‘traditional’ to have a man of honor, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. And for the record, I absolutely hated that “Man of Honor” movie; I really didn’t appreciate how much of a joke they made out of a man being on a bridal party. It’s 2010, people. Wake up and smell the delicious soy decaf misto!!

Here’s a note from The on Men of Honor and Best Maids

One other thing to point out, is that you want people in your wedding party that you REALLY care for. You will have your wedding photos to admire for years and years to come, and you don’t want someone you really can’t stand in your photos! If things get weird with a friend AFTER you’ve asked them to be in your party, it’s okay to un-invite them. This is YOUR day we’re talking about, not your friends’ and certainly, not someones’ who you aren’t getting along with.

Another tip I have is to introduce your parties to each other before the wedding, if they don’t already know each other. Kevin and I had members in our parties living in Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina so it would’ve been difficult and costly to have everyone meet before the big day. What I did was asked everyone to fill out a fun survey (favorite movies, occupation, etc) along with a photo, and I made a Power Point presentation of the whole group, along with a page of just their email addresses so they could all keep in touch.

Nowadays with Facebook and other social networking sites, all of this is MUCH easier than it used to be. Just remember to go with your heart (and your gut) when it comes to deciding who you want in your wedding party!

If you have any advice on the subject, let us know in the comments!



Be sure to give everyone you want in your party ‘the date’ asap. You would like to think that your bestest friends will be there for you but their calendars can fill up just as quickly as yours. It happened to me – best friend couldn’t make my wedding. It didn’t stop me from having the perfect wedding!! If they cannot make it, don’t give it another thought. Your wedding will be perfect no matter who attends. It is all about you and your new spouse!! XXOO

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