Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama

The cherry on the top of the wedding cake flavored-sundae is most definitely the honeymoon! This is a time for you and your special someone to bask in the glory of newlyweddedness (wow, I wasn’t sure that was a real word!).  You can find yourself bragging about the perfect honeymoon to all of your friends and family, with the help of these steps.

1. Deciding When and Where

Can I get the vacation time off from work? Why are plane tickets SO expensive? How many more pounds must I lose to wear my bikini? Planning for your honeymoon can be somewhat stressful, especially when taking into account your budget, as well as scheduling when you can take it. Going on your honeymoon the day after your wedding is always the ideal situation, since you want to decompress and relax after the craziness of planning your wedding, and then the overwhelming emotions you feel on the day of. I originally had told Kevin I would be okay with not honeymooning right after the wedding and that I would be fine with taking it at another time, so we could save money. He was very much against this, and wanted us to be able to celebrate and relax AS SOON as we could, after our big day.

I wanted to go somewhere high-energy and exotic, like Tokyo, but Kevin wanted a more tropical, relaxing honeymoon. It wasn’t too hard to twist my arm, of course!  And I’m happy he did, because  you do want to relax and unwind on your honeymoon. As much as I want to visit Tokyo (and will one day!), it would have been a very exhausting trip, especially RIGHT after the wedding.

We went to Cozumel and had the best time EVER. The weather was perfect, our hotel was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and every sunset and starry night made us fall deeper in love. Super cheesy, right? Well it’s 100% true.

I took this shot at our Hotel in Cozumel with our point in shoot. We didnt want photography to distract us so thats the only camera we brought along. (It's majorly cropped)

2. Search, Research, Search Again

There is a saying “all good things comes to those who wait”, but on the flip side, when planning your honeymoon, sometimes you just have to “bite the bullet.” I signed up for websites like Travelzoo and Sherman’s Travel about 9 months before our wedding, and kept an eye on any special deals they announced. Another website I HIGHLY recommend using is TripAdvisor. This is how I found the hotel we stayed at in Cozumel. I would compare reviews with the hotel’s website, and then jump on the travel site Kayak, to see which airlines had the lower rates for the days right after our wedding.

3. Book it!

I think it’s important to stay practical in planning where to go, but don’t sabotage the idea of going on a honeymoon. Even if you can’t go RIGHT after your wedding, schedule your honeymoon for a later date—but schedule it! Don’t procrastinate, because if you do, you’ll have had 3 kids before you realize you never did go on your dream honeymoon. I have friends who didn’t go on their honeymoon to New Zealand until several years AFTER their wedding, so they could save money, plan and take their dream honeymoon. And trust me, their photos are envious! But they PLANNED.

So in case you were thinking of putting it off–DON’T! You absolutely want to go on your honeymoon.

If you have any questions or want any recommendations on travel sites, etc., let me know! Also, if you have any travel sites, tips you’d like to share, please leave a comment.