Your Own Portable Wedding Planner!

Remember the Jennifer Lopez movie “The Wedding Planner”? It was pretty forgettable, (unless you are a Matthew McConaughey fan!)

You could say I had my very own Jennifer Lopez with the help of the 2009 edition of the Real Simple Weddings Guide.  This guide runs about $13.95 and can be purchased at Crate and Barrel.  This wedding guide goes through everything–from planning your budget and location, creating the timelines of your ceremony and reception, and deciding on your dress and cake.  There is even a guide to different flowers and when they are in season, which is a HUGE help when it comes to deciding the look of your centerpieces and staying in your budget!

Real Simple Wedding Guides 2009 and 2010

Check the Real Simple site for the 2011 issue availability:

Another great (and free!) planning resource are these downloadable checklists straight from the Real Simple website! Free!! I know!!

Check out these handy dandy wedding planning lists:

Wedding Budget Worksheet.

Wedding Party Contact List.

Wedding Guest List Worksheet.

I have to give a shout out to one of my best friends, and bridesmaid, Diana for introducing me to the Real Simple Wedding Guide! Love you!
If you have any wedding planning tips, don’t be stingy! We’d love to know them. Feel free to comment.



I’ve seen this magazine before. Maybe even flipped through it. But I’ll definitely have to check it out now.

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